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Manicure or Dip Powder Manicure Will Give Your Nails Shine

Manicure / Dip Powder Manicure Will Give Your Nails Shine Immediately:

  • In fact, this manicure is comparatively easy and gets completed in a short time.
  • Furthermore, Dip powder gives long-lasting shine to your nails.

In today’s fast life, people also want fast service. One such quick and easily available service is РDip Powder Manicure. Ordinary nail lacquer lasts only for two days. The gel manicure lasts about two weeks, but the dip powder manicure lasts for a month.

What is dip powder manicure?

In fact, it can be called a manicure between regular and acrylic manicures. First of all, the nail is made completely oil-free in this process. After this, the base coat is applied. The nail is then coated with colored powder. Following this, the powder is mounted on the nails in several layers. As a result, you can get a super-smooth durable manicure that lasts for more than three weeks. Actually, the dip process is very interesting and the colors look cool as well.

How Safe Is It?

This manicure can be done very easily, but if ignored, it can also cause infection. Hence, the safest way to do this is to use a brush. In this way, you can avoid dipping nails into the powder used by many people. Furthermore, the certified powder should be used as far as possible. This causes less damage to the nails. Due to glue, the powder remains on the nail for a long time. Also, the removal process is quite long. The nail is put in acetone and then buffed, which makes it soft. Moreover, repeated dip manicures can also cause permanent damage to the nail. Nails may be dehydrated, fungal infections may occur. Experts say that with Dip Powder Manicure, you will have to take many precautions. For example, keep the nails constantly hydrated, use cuticle oil and hand cream continuously.

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