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Hair Fall Tips - Keep Your Hair Healthy During the Monsoon?
hair fall tips

Hair Fall Tips - Do You Want to Keep Your Hair Healthy During the Monsoon? Follow These Tips to Getting Rid of Hair Fall….

Nowadays, the biggest problem confronting the ladies is their hair. Due to moisture, the hair starts becoming dry, they also start to fall which causes anxiety. Along with treatment, hair experts also suggest home remedies for these problems. As per beautician Neetu Sharma Aggarwal, follow these useful hair fall tips to preserve the beauty of your hair in the rainy days.

Due to rain, high humidity and temperature changes occur in the atmosphere. That’s why your hair becomes sticky and lifeless, due to which they start to break. Although hair care is always necessary, in the rainy season your hairs need extra care. There are some ways by which you can take care of your hair during the monsoon.

  • After washing your hair, do not forget to use a conditioner so that the hair does not look messy and can be easily sorted out. During this season, the hair becomes dry and gets more breakage. The use of a suitable conditioner is a good way to prevent hair fall.
  • Apply hair oil at least once a week to nourish your hair and it also removes dryness. This will not make the hair even lifeless and will keep your hair shining.
  • In the monsoon, it is most important that we have to protect our hair from moisture. We must do shampoo and conditioner two or three times a week. If you want to do a hair spa on your own, then you can do it naturally at home.
  • By adding coconut oil and lemon juice in aloe vera gel, you can do hair spa naturally at home. After hair washing, you can get the same shine as a hair spa done at any beauty parlor.