strong hair

Follow These 5 Hair Care Formulas To Reduce Hair Fall

strong hair
strong hair

In this season, you should adopt a proper hair care routine to prevent hair fall and to get strong and healthy hair. To protect hair from dryness, you should massage your hair with oil at least twice a week. As oil goes to the roots of the hair and strengthens them which reduces your hair problems. So, let’s know the types of oils that you can use to strengthen your hair.

Coconut Oil

More emphatically, coconut oil is always medicine for hair which makes hair long and thick. The carbohydrates and vitamins present in coconut oil nourish your hair. Applying slightly warm coconut oil on the hair keeps the blood circulation good. So, massage your hair once a week with warm coconut oil half an hour before the hair wash.

Mustard oil

Mustard oil helps to repair hair scalp. For more benefits, you should mix olive oil and mustard oil together and apply this mixture on the hair. Heat this mixture lightly and after applying it, cover the hair with a towel for some time. Then wash your hair with any suitable shampoo.

Almond oil

Use almond oil as a conditioner for your hair. Massaging the hair with almond oil will make it long, dark, and shiny. Its main benefit is that this oil prevents the split hairs problem

Olive oil

Applying olive oil to hair once a week strengthens your hair. Regular massage with this oil reduces hair fall problems to a greater extent. It acts as a good conditioner for hair.

Sesame oil

Massaging with sesame oil and then hair wash in the morning has many benefits. Because this oil contains many nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin E, and B complex which eliminate hair lice and make them strong.

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