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Homemade Lip Scrub - Follow These Special Tips & Keep Your Beautiful Smile Intact - Indian Beauty Care
Homemade Lip Scrub

A beautiful smile can enhance your beauty, while on the other side, dry and cracked lips can embarrass you. If you want soft and pink lips, then to fulfill this desire you have to take care of them as well. 

We will tell you about some such homemade lip scrub here, by which you can fulfill your wish of pink and soft lips. So, let’s know how to prepare some effective lip scrubs at home.

Coconut and Honey Lip Scrub

As we all know, honey and coconut oil combination is a magical way to enhance your beauty. It not only enhances the glow of your skin but is also very effective in making your lips soft.

How to Prepare?

  1. To prepare it, take 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon coconut oil.
  2. Add brown sugar to it.
  3. Now, scrub on your lips for at least 5 minutes with this paste. 
  4. Then wipe your face with clean water.

Coffee and Honey Lip Scrub

The caffeine present in the coffee rejuvenates your lips. Though it might not leave a very good after taste, it gives an intriguing effect. Regular use of this scrub will hydrate and soften your lips.

 How to Prepare?

  1. To prepare this scrub, take 1 teaspoon of coffee and also mix the normal amount of honey. 
  2. Prepare their paste well. 
  3. After this, apply this paste on your lips. 
  4. After massaging for some time, wash your face with clean water.

Rose Petals and Malai Lip Scrub

 How to Prepare?

  1. To prepare this scrub, grind the rose petals well. 
  2. Mix half a teaspoon of malai and a normal amount of honey in it. 
  3. Apply this paste on your lips and leave it for a while. 
  4. After this, scrub it with light hands and clean it.