6 Beauty Secrets of Kajol That You Should Follow to Get Beautiful Look

Along with the acting of Bollywood actress Kajol, people are also crazy about her beauty. Whether onscreen or offscreen, Kajol is always seen glowing. That is because she does not follow any kind of carelessness about her skin. This is the reason why even after the age of 45, there is no sign of aging on her face. Today we will tell you some such beauty secrets of Kajol, by following which you can also look beautiful.

Cleans makeup

She cleans the make-up well after shooting and before going to sleep at night, for which she uses cleansing cream. This keeps the skin moist and hydrated.

Facial 1 time a month

Kajol does not have time to get beauty treatment because of a busy schedule. But she definitely gets facials 1 time a month. So that her skin remains glowing and beautiful.

Face Wash 2 times a day

In an interview, Kajol said that she has never had any acne or skin problem because she takes very good care of her skin. For this, she washes the face at least 2 times a day. Also, at night she does not sleep without cleaning makeup.

Drink plenty of water

Kajol says that she drinks plenty of water to detox and hydrate the skin. She drinks at least 8 glasses of water daily. This removes harmful toxins from the body and gives a glow on the face.

Silky-shiny hair

There are many products used on hair during shooting. This increases the risk of hair damage. So, she massages oil 2 times a week. She also takes full care that the products used on her hair are of good quality.

Exercise is necessary

As we all know, exercising is very important not only for staying fit but also for glowing skin. Her routine also includes dance, which keeps the stress away from her.

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