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Korean Beauty - Girls Apply These Weird Things to Look Beautiful
korean beauty

Korean Beauty - Girls Apply These Weird Things to Look Beautiful, You Will Be Shocked If You Will Know About These Ingredients

Korean women have no match with anyone in terms of beauty. You will probably be shocked to hear the name of the things that are used in their Korean beauty products.

The skin of the Korean people has no match in the whole world. Their skin always remains clean, spotless, and shiny. To get skin like them is like a dream. Well, it depends on their genes too, but believe it or not, they never miss following their skincare routine.

There are lots of Korean products available in the Indian market. But if you hear about the things which enhance their true beauty, then you will surely become shocked. Yes, let’s know which are the ‘weird’ things, by which they keep their skin so healthy and glowing.

Donkey milk

  • This substance contains five times more vitamin C than cow’s milk.
  • It caters to the deficiency of fatty acids and proteins in the skin. Because with aging, the amount of both these things decrease in the skin.
  • Cleopatra used to bathe with donkey milk to keep her skin healthy and smooth.

Bee venom

  • When someone says bee venom, the first thought that comes to mind is fear rather than skincare.
  • But, this product is used to boost cell regeneration and promote collagen. 
  • It is also considered as a botox of an organic form. Let us tell you that bee venom is used in many types of Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines.

Porcine collagen

  • With aging, our skin starts to lose elasticity and fine lines start appearing on the face. 
  • But, this substance is known to increase the elasticity of the skin and to brighten it. 
  • It brings back ‘baby face glow’ to the skin.
  • In the Korean market, this is sold in a gel-based form.
  • Applying this gel keeps the skin hydrated and shiny.

Snail slime

  • You might find it strange reading this, but Korean women apply snail slims and extract on their skin.
  • With its use, the wrinkles of the skin are removed and the dark spots are removed. 
  • It contains hyaluronic acid, which helps in the anti-aging process. This keeps the skin hydrated. 
  • Antimicrobial peptides are known to reduce pimples and help in the treatment of hyperpigmentation.
  • For this reason, this substance is also used as the main ingredient in face creams, etc.