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Wax-Know the Difference Between Hot Wax, Cold Wax, and Rica Wax

Know the Difference Between Hot Wax, Cold Wax, and Rica Wax

Although there are many ways to remove unwanted hair from the skin today, wax is still considered the best and effective. Even though you have to face some pain during waxing, women still prefer to get waxed. However, waxing is not only one way, but several other types, such as hot waxing, cold waxing, and Rica waxing are also available. Often women are confused about which of these waxes to apply on the skin. So, today we will tell you the difference in these-

Hot wax

Waxing in this way is usually done in beauty salons. During hot waxing, the waxing is heated so that it can be applied comfortably on the skin. It makes its own grip on the hair and then the wax is removed with the help of strips. In this process, the hair is also removed with waxing. In this process, the hair is easily removed from the root, giving you smooth skin. Although it is true that for waxing in this way, you need practice. If you are a beginner, then you should avoid waxing in this way. Also, while waxing like this, you also have to pay full attention to the temperature.

Cold wax

Cold wax also acts like hot waxing, although it is applied slightly differently. For this, first the waxing is applied on the strip and then the strip is applied lightly on the skin with some pressure. In the last, the hair of the skin is pulled out by pulling the strips. It is considered very good for waxing at home, because you do not need heat etc. for this type of waxing. However, if the strips are not applied properly, it can cause red rashes and ingrown hairs, which does not give you smooth skin.

Rica wax

Rica wax is actually a liposoluble waxing manufactured by the Italian company Rica. It is made with the help of vegetable oil different from regular wax. Since it does not contain any kind of chemical, it is considered best for sensitive skin. By the way, it can also be used on normal and dry skin. This makes the hair removal smooth and you do not need to apply it again. Rica wax also reduces your skin tanning. Also, waxing in this way reduces the pain relatively well.

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